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Code Signing Certificates

Software Vendors & Organizations
Secure your applications and add trust to your code
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Code Signing for Software Vendors and Organizations

Code Signing Pricing

1 year
2 year
SGD590 (save 50)
3 year
SGD788 (save 172)

Trust means enhanced sales. Software Vendors and Organizations have the ability to digitally sign and timestamp the software they distribute over the Internet. GlobalSign Code Signing Certificates provide the ability for all developers on all platforms to digitally sign and bind their authenticated publisher identity to the software or executable file they distribute.

The timestamp feature ensures end users that the software or executable file they are running is legitimate and has not been tampered with or altered since being published



New from GlobalSign - Extended Validation (EV) Code Signing Certificates

EV Code Signing certificates build on the existing benefits of standard Code Signing cerificates to offer stronger levels of assurance that the identity of the publisher is correct and has been verified.

  • Strict vetting process assures end users that the identity of the publisher has been verified
  • Certificate stored on USB token reduces the risk that the certificate will be stolen or compromised
  • Immediate reputation with Microsoft SmartScreen Filter removes scary warning messages to end users that the application might be malicious
Learn more about EV Code Signing Certificates
Code Signing Microsoft Authenticode
Microsoft Authenticode

Digitally sign Windows ActiveX controls via Authenticode (32 bit and 64 bit .exe, .ocx, .dll or other) and Kernel software for Windows. Windows 7 compatible.

Code Signing Adobe Air
Adobe AIR

Digitally sign Adobe AIR applications. AIR only allows digitally signed applications to be run.

Code Signing Java Code

Digitally sign JAR applet files so your apps can access client-side resources

Code Signing MS Office and VBA
Microsoft Office & VBA

Digitally sign Microsoft Office macros and Visual Basic Applications (VBA).

Code Signing Apple Mac

Digitally sign Apple Mac applications. Code signing was introduced by Apple in MacOS 9 onwards.

Code Signing Mozilla Netscape Objects
Mozilla & Netscape Objects

Digitally sign Mozilla and legacy Netscape Object files.

  • Removes the "Unknown Publisher" popup in Internet Explorer and Windows Operating Systems
  • Full timestamping service included free of charge* – timestamping your code ensures the signature does not expire
  • Sign an unlimited number of applications within the lifespan of the certificate
  • Supports all developer platforms
  • Multi-year saving - save 20% when you buy 2 year Certificates, plus avoid having to renew every year
  • 7 day risk free refund
  • $100,000 Warranty - underwritten Liability programme
  • Multi-Language Tech Support - access to expert technical support staff via email & telephone
  • WebTrust Accredited Certification Authority since 2002 

Signing SDKs & the Signing Process:

When you have your Code Signing Certificate you will need to sign your application using an SDK or command line prompt appropriate for your technology:


Why Sign Code? Because running Unsigned Code can be dangerous!

Code Signing Applications

Most end users understand the danger of running unsigned codes. Unsigned code are vulnerable to insertion of malware and spyware thus being unsafe for the end users. Malware and spyware can bring an internet connected set of computers down in no time. End users are encouraged not to run software or executable files which are unsigned.

With a GlobalSign Code Signing Certificate, digitally signed software or application receives higher trust. The end users do not receive a glaring warning on the potential danger of the software. Instead, the end users receive an advisory on what the software is and who published it.

End users are then asked for a decision on whether or not to run the file, and they most of the time run the file seeing it is from a trusted source.

The difference between security warnings that sound alarming and security warnings that are simply advisory in nature give the end users a totally different experience, as in the examples below:

Code Signed Applications

Add an essential level of trust to the application installation process.

The solution is simple. Sign your code!