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Developer Solutions

Industry leading Digital Certificate based security solutions for software vendors and developers.

GlobalSign offers products and operates programs specifically designed to help Developers secure applications and leverage the trust of the GlobalSign root CA Certificates. GlobalSign is the chosen provider for SSL server security for the project.

Code Signing

Code Signing

Secure your applications and enable trusted Internet based distribution of your software

Software vendors and developers can digitally sign (code sign) and timestamp the software they distribute over the Internet. Remove the "Unknown Publisher" popup in Internet Explorer and Windows Operating Systems and allows your customers to run your applications.

Trusted Root for Microsoft Certificate Services

Trusted Root Certificate Authority

Issued trusted SSL, S/MIME and Code Signing Certificates from your Microsoft Certificates Services or inhouse CA

Chain your CA Root Certificate to the highly distributed GlobalSign Root Certificates - present in all popular browsers, Operating Systems and devices. Digital Certificates issued from your chained Certificate are transparently trusted by customers and employees, reducing your support costs and deployment time, and giving you total control over your trusted Certificate hierarchy.

Embedded SSL

Embedded SSL

Mass issuance low cost SSL Certificates for high volume devices

Embedded SSL provides fully verified SSL Certificates, recognised in all popular browsers, for use in devices such as media centres and recorders, point of sale equipment, network / WIFI / cable routers, NAS vehicle equipment. Embedded SSL decreases the in-house development costs associated with the procurement of SSL Certificates and delivers SSL security in a streamlined process. We allow very rapid development of pilot projects (a matter of days rather than months), eliminating the need to setup your own CA, PKI infrastructure and policies.

Certificate Authority Root Embedding

Certificate Authority Root Embedding

Make sure your Application supports the hundreds of thousands of GlobalSign Digital Certificates

Contact [email protected] to ensure your new applications and devices support all GlobalSign Certificates. Millions of people and devices already trust the GlobalSign CA Root Certificates. Membership of the Programme is free and benefits include root inclusion and updates, security updates and implementation assistance.