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Google announces SSL encryption expansion to the global market

Google announced in March 2012 that it would be extending its secured search for logged in users beyond the U.S. based Google search engine to its various international search engine sites.

Apr 12, 2012 - With a growing number of websites adopting an encryption protocol called Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) as the default connection for web browsing, Google has also signaled its intention to make protected search as a top priority. What this means for users is that after signing into Google, they will be directed to the secured instead of site. Results will also come back to users via a secured HTTPS page.

SSL is a network communication encryption protocol which can be used to prevent data tampering or theft. It is the most widely used security protocol, providing a safe channel for operations between two machines via the Internet or internal network connections.

An SSL digital certificate should be installed on the server to activate the website's SSL encrypted transmission. After installation, the website will be accessed through URLs that begin with "https", and a "padlock" icon will be shown in the browser's address bar. This indicates that the website has been encrypted through SSL technology and its identity authenticated.

SSL certificates must be issued by a trusted CA's root certificate. Currently, most web browsers are able to recognize SSL certificates. For websites that have Extended Validation SSL (EV SSL) certificates installed, the address bar will be prominently displayed in green. In addition, the name of the organisation that is listed in the certificate as well as the certificate's security vendor will be listed as well. With this information on hand, visitors will be able to quickly establish trust with the websites they visit. These displays make it easier for Web site visitors to quickly establish trust with the Web sites they visit.

GlobalSign as an internationally renowned CA providing server certificates, including Domain Validation (DV) SSL certificates, Organization Validation (OV) SSL certificates and Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificates, to users with different needs. Using SSL for identity authentication and encryption plays an important role in preventing phishing scams and ensuring secure data transmission.

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