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How to increase your online profits with SSL Certificates

Follow the 3 security steps below to increase profit margins and to make your business more competitive by using SSL.

1. Purchase an SSL Certificate for your website.

FACT: Utilizing SSL technology for your website increases customer confidence and leads to greater sales. Purchasing an SSL Certificate for your website helps to enhance and protect your brand.

Your customers need reassurance that they are on the correct website and that your business can be trusted. When customers log in or make purchases on your web site, they immediately look for proof of organizational identity and encryption before entering sensitive data.

You cannot afford to lose your customers to the competition.
You cannot afford to lose one customer order due to fear of fraud.

Purchasing an SSL Certificate for your website delivers the trust factors required to maximize customer confidence.

2. Display the GlobalSign Secure Site Seal and give customers the confidence to buy! 

FACT: A significant percentage of your online customers will abandon the shopping cart/basket or fail to complete the purchase, simply because they lost the sense of security and trust.

The clickable GlobalSign Secure Site Seal indicates to the customer that their information is secure and offers additional reassurance to the closed padlock icon that appears in the browser with every SSL connection.

Secure Site Seal

3. Upgrade your SSL Certificate to the new Extended Validation SSL technology and lead the way!

FACT: Businesses that appear more legitimate will gain more traffic. More traffic means more conversions and more conversions means more profit.

There are an ever increasing number of high profile fraud and phishing incidents that have heightened Internet users concerns about identity theft. The very latest browser technologies now available, provide identity assurance utilizing enhanced levels of information contained within the SSL Certificate. Your brand can be shown within these new browsers alongside the GlobalSign security brand, enhancing credibility and end user confidence in who you are.

Utilizing Extended Validation SSL Certificates offer a unique opportunity to differentiate your business from the competition. If the URL displays a green address bar next to your company name and the worldwide trusted GlobalSign security brand and this event does not happen on your competitor's website, this will deliver a significant competitive advantage in the world of e-commerce.

See how browsers show EV SSL Certificates differently from standard SSL:

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