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Why do you need SSL Encryption for your website?

To make loyal customers from mere visitors, you need to establish a relationship based on trust.

Mar 26, 2012 - The internet offers a lucrative avenue for business. Billions of businesses worldwide, from start ups with minimal capitalisation to big corporations looking to expand their market space, establish online presence via e-commerce websites. The internet enables them to transact with customers globally and inexpensively.

With more financial transactions happening online, the internet has also become a vibrant territory for cyber criminals to dispatch their activities. Phishing, spear phishing, pharming and other such cunning tactics increase in sophistication overnight; serving as cyber tools to victimise both business owners and customers.

These incidents of cyber crime may render customers reluctant to enter their credit card and other personal information on your website. Because of this, the one thing that can bring your potential customer to transact with your online business is trust.

Website security is therefore paramount. This is why you need SSL Encryption for your website.

What is SSL?

SSL stands for secure sockets layer and is a standard security technology that establishes an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. Activating SSL Encryption on your website tells your visitors that your website is legitimate and that you are a legitimate organisation. To activate SSL Encryption, websites are required to secure an SSL certificate, which is only possible after website owners have answered and satisfied screening processes intended to validate the identity and authenticity of their organisation.

A Certificate Authority like GlobalSign facilitates securing SSL certificates and activating SSL encryption on your website. GlobalSign has been an active participant in and provider of public trust services since the very birth of commercial internet.

Once SSL Encryption is activated, your visitors will see a yellow padlock on your website, assuring them that their credit card and other personal information entered into your website are secure and integral.

Various Types Of SSL

Depending on your organisation, there are various SSL certificates that offer strongest encryption for the highest trust levels.

Domain SSL with true 128-256 bit encryption secures e-commerce transactions, web account logins, webmail, network traffic and online services. This activates the little yellow padlock which your customers look for to give them peace of mind that they will be safeguarded against data breach, identity theft, or fraudulent purchases made against their credit cards. Organisations also benefit from Domain SSL by ensuring that confidential and pertinent business emails are secure against hackers that attempt to compromise email systems.

Organisation SSL is an expanded version of the Domain SSL. It allows your web visitors to see your vetted company details. This gives them greater confidence to do business with you.

Extended Validation SSL is the highest level of SSL security available. When activated, EV SSL changes the colour of your address bar to green and provides your company's registered business name, thus further proving that your website is authentic and legitimate. The green address bar is a visual indication to visitors that your site has the highest security certificate available, and this takes the visitors closest to converting as customers.

Wherever you are in the world, the internet provides a golden opportunity for global and borderless trade. To make loyal customers from mere visitors, you need to establish a relationship based on trust. Securing an SSL Encryption will help make your potential customers feel that yours is a trustworthy site. Secure your business and your potential customers today. Get the highest level of website security possible from a trusted name in web security – GlobalSign.

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